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Ins & Outs of 2023

You know the drill - everyone is doing their own version of an In & Out list and I am obviously not one to steer clear of all the trends, so… here is my personal list of what I’m feeling for 2023 since I honestly don’t count the year as starting off until my birthday hits - February 22. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and settle in, this is what we’re working with to kick off the year. In

Soft Launching Your Relationship

Cooking at home

Homemade cold brew

Nail dates with best friends

Hot Couple Walks


Taking PTO

Basic but good skincare routines

Outfits that make you feel good

Being a boss

Cute PJ sets

Champagne over everything

Trips instead of things

Emotional support cherry coke

A lot of these are self explanatory - cooking at home saves money and let’s you be more aware of what is in your food and coffee at home is also a big money saver. Nail dates with best friends is perfect for those of us who don’t get a lot of face to face catch up time and have the opportunity to sit next to each other in the salon. Cute PJ sets and outfits that make you feel good go hand in hand for me - looking cute and put together has always been a big priority of mine and it slipped to the side in 2022 because life was a rollercoaster - now we’re back to matching sets and giving an eff about what we’re wearing. The major ones though are doing things a little against the grain of society norms. Going for a walk with your s/o isn’t necessarily TikTok trendy, but it’s a good way to get exercise and spend quality time. Taking PTO is quite honestly necessary, your mental health will thank you for it. And being a boss can honestly mean whatever you want it to mean in regards to your life but for me it means taking the business we just launched and kicking ass at it – being a literal boss ass bitch ;)


Joint social media accounts with your s/o

Eating every meal out

Drinking way too much at the bar

Work burn out

Lack of work/life balance

Lack of work ethic

Only wearing current trends

Not signing up for the rewards

Not paying even the smallest of influencers for collaborations

Not reading the room

Too many steps in your skincare

Being complacent

These are honestly just like big no’s for me across the board. I will nevver understand grown adults sharing a personal social media account, not an influencer/branded one. Like a shared facebook page you use to keep up with your friends and fam - weird to me, on a lot of levels. I am also obviously in my cooking and cocktails at home era and I’m not super into going out to eat all the time - I’m very much enjoying knowing what’s going into my food. (I do enjoy a meal out here and there, don’t get me wrong.) The work out’s are the biggest deals to me. Burn out is a thing of the past now that 2023 has rolled in. I am actively taking so many steps to ensure that I maintain a positive outlook on work while being mindful of my mental and physical health - which means working hard during work hours and kicking ass at my job, but also utilizing the time off offered to me, taking sick days instead of working through headcolds and the like, and also just not over doing it. But also, a big big big out for me will always be the lack of positive, strong work ethic - people who just coast? I will never get it! And on a personal level, since I both am a micro influencer and a manager of other influencers collaborations and contracts - when you’re only offered a product in exchange for a time consuming post, reel, or tiktok it’s really fucking awful. You’re essentially being told that your work isn’t worth paying for and you should work for free - and you are absolutely allowed to say no to those projects (or yes, if you really want the product).

Stay tuned for more hot takes, dramatic realizations and probably a dozen more ins & outs while the year progresses - I’m full of a lot of opinions these days. And drop me a message with your ins & outs - either here, or on Instagram @agirlwithabeat

Xo Laurie

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